days & days

by Michael Gerard

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songs written and recorded in 2009-2010


released December 31, 2010

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Michael Gerard Athens, Georgia

Michael Gerard is a singer-songwriter and instrumentalist living in Athens, Ga. He has put out 4 albums and played countless shows under the name Michael the Blind. In 2011, along with his wife and good friends, he put together a backup band called The Moonshine.

After several years of recording and touring with The Moonshine, he has again begun putting together material for a solo album.
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Track Name: Trick Tips
like coin-flips in triptychs
am i the only one who's ever felt this way
doubt it as you down it...
practice on yr fingertips
no one ever got rid of the blues that way
seize up as you seize the day...
try to see through another livelong day
convince yourself it doesn't but
it matters anyway
Track Name: all & more
pin yr hopes to progress and medication
'til there's no difference
between the static and the station
memories and dried flowers lose their scent
the shape is different
but it's missing what it meant

you almost had it there in yr imagination
between the trail of tears
and the flood of information
history gets twisted 'til it seems it is unreal
otherwise in the future
it will have no mass appeal

so say it all again
you'll do it all and more
ah yeah it's all been done before
except for one last war...
Track Name: depth perception
if i could make a mountain it would start just like a pearl,
with one grain of hope deep within the belly of the world

but i can only chance upon the valleys of the ones
who came before, their chants just floating on the surface of the core

if i could make a map i'd do it like a tangle would and
leave the straight and narrow to those who would think
they're good,

but i've only my own mistakes to teach me
what i should have asked the ones who came
before me also walked this crooked path

there is not chance but what you want
there is no vision only depth perception
as they say, you've
got it or you don't.
Track Name: equal & opposite
when you're trying to save the world, it can't be helped,
you risk ending hung up in traction, purse your lips in concentration, deny annihilation- equal and opposite reaction... you're so beautiful... taking yourself to task every day, just brings you down in tightening circles, speaking your dreams aloud yeah you know you're allowed, we're each entitled to a purpose... you're so beautiful...
Track Name: moontips
all the moontips fill the wood ships
with frost again
busting in, waving handkerchiefs
to the end of time lost to land
and the halos in the harbor light
turn to glass the reflection's
a reversal of speed to mass...
watch the roots cling to one another
like cellophane, see that headache's
just a shout of come coal train
the decision drags it under
paints it grey, and the meters
measure units of hell to pay...
Track Name: can't see
there used to be a light on in the attic in the day,
i hear that late at night it can be seen flickering away,
at yesterdays gone by without a word,
and how tomorrows come like little birds.
they sing me god forsaken songs
that get stuck in my ears,
'til i can't hear...

i hear there was a bell way down
beneath the basement floor
and that sometimes it shines,
but nobody listens anymore.
there's no time for singing songs of liberty,
when each night is a new invading army,
they overload their silencers and point them
straight at me 'til i can't see
Track Name: old fashioned
this is Venus calling earth
so tentative i'm fit to burst
each connection forms a word
far is not a color of unheard

surface to air with no exhaust
tired is not the same as taking off
these reverberations form a triangle on your back
there's no way to refashion this lonesomelessness

don't stop where you are darling daughter
come home and i promise you a life like you never seen
i will be everything i mean
i will be what you want me to be
i will be everything i mean
Track Name: regards
my regards to the boss
i will pay for it at any cost
the world don't care what gets lost
do you?
the machine is on fire
and the air is on alert
the world don't care who gets hurt
and do you? do you?
'cause i do.
Track Name: hard times
some people ain't good for nothing
other people good for too damn much
it's all the way the cards get shuffled
and whether or not you've got the touch

i got a kitten sittin' pretty back at home
beggin' like a dog for an old hambone
all i got here's this ball of yarn
and even that is almost gone

your girls gonna' leave you
just as soon as she can stand
you're darned if she don't
and if she do you'll be damned
i saw two old ladies sittin' in the sand
each one wishing that the other was a man

even the undertaker's singin' this sad old song
i just had to ask him what was wrong
he stuck his shovel in the ground and
said "look here son,
people these days just living too long"

well it's hard times dead or alive
you better believe it's true
Track Name: South
keep it with you in your mind
the red clay and the kudzu vine
there's nothing but the fireflies
to show me the light that's in your eyes

sweet tea by the lake at night
a long walk feels like taking flight
there's nothing stopping any thought
from coming from your mouth

the buzz of that time in the pines
keep that heat in your heart all the time
of all that you learned in the south
Track Name: Cohen
sing for the ones who've forgotten how to sing,
sing for the light of morning and for the spring,
sing for the wicked for they know not what they do,
sing so the dreams that they have don't come true,
sing sanity for the sake of us all,
sing the heat of summer and the calm of fall,
sing for winter nights and the pleasure of duets,
sing for everyday saints and the common poets,
sing for the sound of a single human voice,
sing because you're free,
and because you have no choice,
sing every sorrow that has ever crossed your mind,
sing for everything you have had to leave behind,
sing every sorry that has ever crossed your lips,
sing 'cause you don't feel like it, and just for kicks,
sing to rue the day you will never sing again,
sing first for the one you love then for everyone else
and then
sing just to sing yes to sing...