secrets & lines

by Michael Gerard

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released January 1, 2005

thanks to the city of... management thanks to the divine sky. lines connected by eight. Trent Hays engineered every sound you hear here except for the girl laughing on track 3, the piano in denial, and all the missing bells



all rights reserved


Michael Gerard Athens, Georgia

Michael Gerard is a singer-songwriter and instrumentalist living in Athens, Ga. He has put out 4 albums and played countless shows under the name Michael the Blind. In 2011, along with his wife and good friends, he put together a backup band called The Moonshine.

After several years of recording and touring with The Moonshine, he has again begun putting together material for a solo album.
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Track Name: hang me out
on your way underground, you picked up the crumbs you found, there's no more gingerbread, your house is in your head... hang me out to dry. my, my, my hang me out to dry, like a bouquet of balloons or a dead pair of shoes high on a wire... now i sign my checks in blood just like little red robin hood, there's no more money left, i'll take the exit to stage left... cross my heart and hope to die... hang me out to dry.
Track Name: the last time
when was the last time you saw something that you wanted so much, that you would give up your sight for just one more look? i told you the first time that i get what i want, and i don't change my mind... tell me about the first time you decided you would make me wait - have your cake and eat it too while i'm blue in the face, i'm brightening the corners so it's nice if you decide to come through. if patience is a virtue, then i'm a fuckin' saint when it comes to you... i don't change my mind...
Track Name: secret
the last thing that i want is to take this slow,
plucking petals to the metal fucking going to show,
that i know just what i want, and if i just knew how to get it, i would keep it like i cannot keep this secret.

like a pinwheel in a box i'm going solar,
perfectly capable but lacking a source,
and there's an algebra between us that says
x equals when do i get to see you again and
we're y's of course...

let's say spring and stop making like tracks for the horizon. say okay, and i'll stop this march
and start from the beginning.
Track Name: neptune
you went to the sea you loved so much 'cause it wanted to drink you - make you a permanent fixture on the rocks... and lightening forked and the swells made you swoon and it seems like the dish ran away with neptune...

if you act like a fish you will get hooked until you can breath air no more. your eyes will be tortoise shells just off shore... and lightening forked...

and the sirens are all sleeping now, and the lighthouse has gone dim. you know it's now or ever - walk away or swim... and lightening forks...
Track Name: mala leche
call in the snake charmers, i'm moaning low...
seems like every time i turn around i'm tying another one on.
feeling low and dirty, unscrupulous - i got birds for brains i got a freight train running through my chest.
oh mala leche o buena suerte - i'm complicating my circumstances doing dances with the mistress of senor muerte.
bring out the roses and the whiskey, it's time i took my rest - when i finally eet my maker bet your life that i will put her to the test.
Track Name: parting shot
lost in a garden, if you'll pardon my french,
well what the!?
hell has frozen over, you bet your bottom dollar
some one made a buck...

thanks for all the memories
now they're all that i've got
feel free to defend me
as i take my parting shot

living in oblivion, i should say
living in brooklyn.
lovingly becoming bitumen along with all
my long lost friends...

thanks for the memories
Track Name: struggle/juggling
struggling. juggling my limits. measuring my minutes in units less than seconds.
Track Name: saturday night
the bottle is empty the night has begun,
another day over "hello everyone!"
it don't take a genius to tell you're tail spun
you insist your okay 'cause it's so much fun

and the lesson learned is a walk in the park
it's so obvious it's a work of art,
Saturday night has no heart.

"the next one's on me," you say - a joke with yourself
"none of that sheep chit, for me it's top shelf"
you swivel and ogle, but everyone's too good to bother

and the lesson learned is a walk in the park,
it's so obvious it's a work of art,
Saturday night has no heart.

last call you're so low with your mind far from clean,
the last call you made was an empty machine,
you scuttle off home underground to wait for the train
fall asleep and an hour later, you slur "never again".

and the lesson learned us a walk in the park,
it's so obvious it's a work of art,
Saturday night has no heart.
Track Name: ice
when i pray,
it takes me all day,
i'm none too good at wishing well,
i get in my way.

and when things take a turn,
it's hard to bend them back into place,
if there's on thing that i've learned,
it's get more than you think you can take...

now when i think of dreams come true,
i think of armies 1 and 2,
see this act of contrition,
is way beyond the blues.

you could be a dream,
and it could be so nice,
i'll save us both a scream,
and put it on ice.
Track Name: denial
i cannot look you in the eye,
so i just watch your mouth,
lest all the care i've locked in mine,
come fucking busting out
'cause lord knows i don't care

if i don't respond directly
to a question that your asking
it's just that sexy voice of yours
can drive me to distraction
i have no choice, i lose my voice
Track Name: long walk
losing everything that matters most to me,
beginning with my sense of self-sufficiency,
and the neighbors, and the traffic are driving me mad

at a crossroads with a crosswalk in my head
and a light that never turns red
all the cars keep zoomin' past with and without drivers
and it says "the end is nigh" on all the bumper stickers

you can say that i'm at odds with common sense
that i could chip away forever and never make a dent
you see that's my definition of persistence,
and if it takes two hands and a mirror
i will show you a for instance:

try and fix your crosshairs on the crosstalk of the constellations, give it time and you will understand
my undying impatience.

you see it's a long walk to the moon,
and i guessed i'd lose my way,
out here nothing comes too soon,
and there was nothing you could do to make me stay.
there was nothing anyone could to do...
Track Name: family store.../cat
family store

going out of business - wait just a minute, see i think
that i have heard this one before. you're closing down the family store...
the grass is always greener - horseshoes, hand-grenades, and scenesters couldn't make you stick around here anymore. closing down the family store...
taking stock of all your papers, cd's, pens, and hustlers, and that squeaky mattress that you have endured. closing down the family store...
the bell across the street will in your memory repeat and take you back to summer days when we were surer,
give a call the same and i will drink toasts in your name until i cannot lift the glass any more.
you're closing down the family store.
closing down the family store.



if you're born to hang you will never drown
so let the cats out, let's see what goes down

spent too much of my time just fuckin' around
with ifs ands and buts and other thorny crowns
but tonight i wanna' take the red back from this town
spent too much of my time just fuckin' around

if you're born to hang...

money is no object when you're rich,
money is no object when you're broke,
money is no object it's a joke.

if you're born to hang you will never drown.
so let the cats out, let's see what goes down.