names & numbers

by Michael Gerard

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the Bunker caught the bugle courtesy of Trent and Knate hit the drums on two, the rest by you know who, except the piano on the last one wasn't keyed by Rachael Renee' although something on "have it out" was played by everyone


released December 25, 2006

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Michael Gerard Athens, Georgia

Michael Gerard is a singer-songwriter and instrumentalist living in Athens, Ga. He has put out 4 albums and played countless shows under the name Michael the Blind. In 2011, along with his wife and good friends, he put together a backup band called The Moonshine.

After several years of recording and touring with The Moonshine, he has again begun putting together material for a solo album.
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Track Name: half twice that
all's not fair is my guess,
my second guess to be exact,
the first one ran on half twice that,
and the engine still runs, but
the tires,
are flat

i'm just incidental music,
to the dramas you live day to day,
i flutter between the dialogue,
that ya dredge up so you'll have
to say

(no no no)

don't tell me what you see,
when you look at me,
and i won't tell you what i hear,
about you.
Track Name: cue
lights camera action
yeah the credits are rolling near
in my humble opinion
it's a sad state of affairs
no one's ever satisfied
and what's worse nobody cares...

cut to the chase
but the rain makes that impossible
the moon's a lazy eye,
to a t it is uncrossable
blood don't make you move
just with the tides
it takes chance's entire ensemble
go back go back further still rewind
to the part where I said
Track Name: circle of fifths
I want to quit,
but every time I'm at the end of my rope,
well, I find there's another rope,
another circle of fifths, another hope

another letter for the printing press to dry clean
another blip, another bloom inside this beautiful machine

I want the truth, the whole, and nothing but the truth,
but every time I get a clue I want for proof,
another neverending story in the hunt, for Mother Goose

another book for the executives to deep fry
another reason to have Christmas on the 4th of july

You want to jet but every compass point's magnetic,
and everything's so copacetic where you're at,
another impossible dream, another flat paperback

another explosion for the industry to shrink wrap
another way to end the day another fade to black...
Track Name: home
home is a place, that you can turn your back to
but you can still go back to

so hit the road,
don't hit it too hard bear in mind,
that's how you broke your fist the last time

i know you know you should have been in pictures,
there's just no screen that big these days

so pack your bags and get behind the wheel again
wheel's suit you better anyway

o desire, home is such a hungry word,
this sickness inspires, home is just along a road

home is a place, that you can turn your back to,
but you can still go back to

call me, whenever you want to,
i just hope
that you'll want to
Track Name: instead
if this is a beginning, it soon best multiply,
it seems to me it's one among too few,
and far between, one too many goodbyes

if this is an instead, and instead of what you ask,
i'll say instead of what couldn't be avoided,
i'll say instead of the past

let's stay within this if a little while, aw what the hell,
i like to see you smile, well, well, well well
if the rest of it certain destruction,
we should ring like fucking bells!
Track Name: d blues
i ain't got no desperation blues,
no i am not in denial,
you can't tell your
hound-dog from your blue suede shoes

i ain't got no desperation blues,
don't say misrepresentation
you can't tell
your burnside from your hill street, baby

do i really look tht interested to you?
i ain't got no desperation blues,
do i have to draw a picture for you, too?
of *%($ you and your desperation blues

no i can't tell good from bad
how could i possibly be sad,
Track Name: enough
well you're spent as a wooden nickel and you look like a hundred bucks, you'd bet the whole damn life it wasn't worth the trouble or the stardust. your mouth's an open box-car and your fingernails are rust. who's a man to trust? enough's enough's enough...

see the sights in your fair city but it all looks so Cobain. wash it down with something sour, go and wash your hands again. even the sunlight on the dewdrops on the roses looks like bottled rain. who is a man to blame for going insane? what's a man to do? oh if i were you...
Track Name: can't stay
once was, still am...
Track Name: just like a song
I wonder if you know just what you do to me,
in some mysterious and some ways that even I can see,
see it is a state of wonder yes this weak in the knees,
and the way you dress is murder in the first degree...
Track Name: Borges dream
Hold that dagger closer,
let me see it shine,
I've been looking for a lover, but that'll do just fine,
I'd forgotten that you owned it, but now I recall the night that you read me the inscription and the name resembled mine. just a little closer, 'cause it's almost midnight here and you haven't much longer to whisper what I long to hear.
Press the point against my temple with your knuckles at my jaw, yes I comprehend this question, love knows nothing of the law...
I can see my eye refleted as you start to draw blood, the infinity created there would help me if it could, but I asked for this duel, it would be senseless and cruel to deny that I ever said...
Track Name: have it out
Come on and give me something to shout about.
It's been quiet here for far too long as far as I'm concerned. Quiet as in "quiet desperation." Only disappointment showing any interest these days.

I want to have it out...
Track Name: rose colored
was it a memory, or was it a dream?
i thought
i saw you
in a magazine,
is it true that i was talking in my sleep
and i said "disillusioned does not equal deep"